Mothering Across Continents
  • In 2015 nearly 2,500
    students participated in
    the Walk for Wisdom,
    raising $10,000 for
    books and solar lights
    in South Sudan.

    Get involved in the
    2017-18 Walk for Wisdom.

  • East Mecklenburg High physics teacher Deb Semmler and Mothering Across Continents special projects coordinator Elizabeth Peacock are teaching and training in Rwanda. In June/July 2015, more than 1,000 high school teachers and girl students have opportunities to learn about and practice "purpose-based science" projects.

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    Teaching and training in Rwanda
  • In 2009, the dream of Mothering Across Continents officially became a nonprofit platform for coaching volunteer project catalysts to make a difference. To date, we've served more than 6,000 orphans and vulnerable children around the world and provided global service training and materials to more than 15,000 teachers and students in the US.

    MAC 5-year Anniversary
  • Hundreds of individuals, churches, foundations and schools have helped the Raising South Sudan project build schools and support education. On March 6 we celebrated the project's 5th anniversary at a dinner event featuring honored guest and keynote speaker John Dau.

    Raising South Sudan - Rations of Hope
  • Store for Social Good

    Through the Any1Can Vote campaign, you selected the winning designs painted by students in the Any1Can Project. Our online store features these T-shirts for Social Good and more.

    100% of net proceeds benefit Mothering Across Continents nonprofit projects. Shop now!

    Store for Social Good
  • High Hopes Haiti

    Women's vocational training improves community economies and quality of life. In rural northern Haiti, volunteer project catalyst Courtney Jackson guides a program providing English, computer and business skills training to high school students and young adults.

    High Hopes Haiti
  • Mentoring Mwiko

    In Rwanda, in partnership with donors and the Dreike Scholarship Fund, we support Mwiko Primary School's annual merit scholarship program to send sixth graders to secondary school.

    Mentoring Mwiko
  • Peace

    Our Chief Catalyst and 2012 Rotary Peace Fellow Patricia Shafer co-founded a global youth peace education training program for high school and university students, now co-managed by Director of Global Operations Elizabeth Peacock.

    Patricia Shafer, Rotary Peace Fellow
  • The Global Class
    A unique youth education and leadership development program based on a framework of seven global issues, The Global Class provides:
    • Classroom learning resources
    • Professional development for educators
    • Student leadership training and mentoring
    The Global Class
  • High school students in Charlotte, NC, are asking individuals, schools, churches and civic groups to take a stand for peace in South Sudan as part of the Memes for Peace advocacy project. View their Memes for Peace online gallery.

    Memes for Peace
  • Building Futures

    In 2010, donors co-funded an Early Childhood Center in KwaZuluNatal, South Africa, a region with a high percentage of orphans due to HIV/AIDS. Nonprofit Woza Moya continues its successful, sustainable operations.

    Building Futures

The Global Class

Today's young people are interested in being global changemakers, and schools are increasingly called upon to develop tomorrow's global leaders. Students need exposure to life, leadership and relationship skills necessary to understand, connect with and operate in a complex, inter-connected world. This exposure must occur through up-to-date global content in the classroom and guided experiences beyond the classroom.

For students and school communities in the United States, Mothering Across Continents pursues our mission of "Adopting Dreams. Raising Tomorrow's Leaders." by providing enrichment experiences that empower youth to understand and address complex global issues that affect communities everywhere in the world. Students consider the comparative impact of these issues in their own backyards and in places as diverse as northern rural Haiti, South Sudan and Bangkok, Thailand. The experiences take place through an integrated framework of:
1) The Global Class, a classroom and co-curricular education program that provides teachers, students and school community partners with global education learning resources; and 2) the Any1Can Project, an arts-based, global service learning initiative that encourages students to collaborate across schools to have a large impact on a social action project.

The Global Class is a comprehensive nonprofit global education program that offers:

  • Integrated global issues-based education and professional development with student service learning
  • Facilitated cross-school collaboration on an international service learning project
  • Curriculua consistent with Common Core State Standards
  • Recognition by Youth Service America/Global Youth Service Day
  • Flexible program options depending on school goals and needs
  • End-of-year public celebratory event

Participating Schools receive:

  • Consulting, coaching, support beginning in September, culminating in April
  • Interdisciplinary printed Resource Guide covering seven global issues: Poverty, Water, Hunger, Environment, Peace/Conflict, Education/Literacy, Social Attitudes/Tolerance
  • Core PD: "Globally Essential Standards: Connecting Seven Global Issues to Common Core and NC Essential Standards"
  • Optional Two Additional Workshops from Four Topics: 1) Differentiated Global Education (ESL, EC, etc.); 2) Global Deep Dive Strategies; 3) Global Education as a Service Learning Platform; 4) Country Case Studies: Teaching "Other" in Appreciative Ways.
  • Incorporation of Any1Can arts-based learning events/fundraiser for change project

To learn more about the Any1Can Project, the arts-based service learning initiative adjunct of The Global Class click here.